Osiris – Protocol

If I start to talk Osiris Shoes and skateboarding, I can’t do nothing but think about the recent video part appeared on Thrasher by Osiris rider Brad Mc Clain. How can you skate pools and transitions with so much power and confidence, God only knows. The “Spike Lee doubt” is legit here: it’s got to be the shoes. Osiris has been doing his thing for decades so it’s just the natural consequence that they do it well. The range of this brand is wide and includes lifestyle shoes, tough high tops and of course skateboard shoes ready to shred. The model in the hands of Eli G is called Protocol and it sticks by the “no frills” plan. Lightweight and functional, this vegan friendly skate shoe is made of synthetic nubuck & mesh in its upper and natural gum VLKN cupsole construction featuring an EVA drop in midsole. Being a basic skate shoe has its advantages when it comes to the final price. This model has probably one of the lowest prices ever, making affordable for any pocket to wear a skateboard shoe with the back up of a veteran of the game like Osiris is. As far as looks, what I have to say is as simple as the structure of this shoe: black and natural gum look awesome together since day one and nothing will ever change this. If your shop carries Osiris make sure that the Protocol is not missing from their selection. In case it does, you know who to call: Nitro Distribution is always there for you (and your shop).


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