“If you was born in New York City let me hear say “You know that”!/You know that!” (Rakim intro)

It’s always a matter of style, here at The Maxiemillion. The last thing that passes through my mind is to change the way you love to dress. Let’s focus on the first though instead: to tell you what are the most impressive pieces that you can find in your store. Osiris Shoes has been working on this pair of kicks called NYC83 for quite a while now. A staple in their collection for a few seasons (the vulcanized version even had a resyling by Mishka), this hi-top sneaker is all but discreet. Not everybody loves hi-tops but those that do will be turning their heads towards these Osiris in the hands of Marghe L. These kicks scream your love for hip hop and street life with a swagger heavy attitude. Why did I say so? 1983 is the year where in New York you had a movie in theaters that goes by the name of Wild Style, a milestone in hip hop culture. I see this as a rendition of a classic bulky sneaker that shows to your opponents how bad you are in Run DMC Peter Piper perspective: “Not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good”. This is a tough shoe that belongs to the lifestyle section of mens shoes of Osiris website. Browse it and you will see how many solutions are available, no matter if you skate, surf, if you ride bmx or very simply you just love these shoes: there is an Osiris ready for you somewhere. Tell your shop owners to get connected with Nitro Distribution if they didn’t already.

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