’47 ● Boston Red Sox High Point Jacket

You should know it: there is no greatest moment for a baseball fan than going to the stadium to see the game. It’s there that you feel the energy of your team giving you the emotions that you have been waiting for all week long. Any MLB team can count on a huge numbers of supporters, being baseball America favorite pastime.

Like any true passion you feel the need to communicate about it and that’s where apparel gives you this chance. The strong connection among MLB and ’47 makes possible to create collections of snapbacks, beanies, fleeces and jackets that make the fan proud to show his colors. Today we will focus on the latter: a windbreaker representing Boston home team.

Can you figure out how disappointing would be to go see the game then all of a sudden it starts to rain? It would be a ruined day but not if you rely on this Boston Red Sox High Point Jacket that Claudio Z is wearing.

Made of a waterproof ripstop material, this lightweight jacket goes beyond the average windbreaker. With its reflective branding and accents and its army green tone this is something that you want to wear even in a casual way to go to the movies like when you train.

The three piece hood of this Boston Red Sox jacket is large enough to protect you like it should and you can even adjust the hem with a cord but the key features is the fact that it’s packable. Put it in your backpack when you go out and don’t worry about the weather. Once it starts to rain, take it out, unpack it and you are set.

With its slim fit and its matte finish, your shield from rain looks more of a boutique item rather than something that you copped to go to the stadium. Well, we are talking about ’47, I thought you knew…
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