’47 ● Boston Red Sox Knockaround Pullover hood

It just came through my mind: Italian football fans don’t dress nearly close to the level of freshness of MLB fans. It’s a matter of culture but also of proposal. Italians love to dress in several different ways while baseball fans are more accustomed to a sportswear lifestyle where everybody can find its own niche as far as apparel.

This is also due to the fact that there is a very large range when it comes to the official licensed merchandise of each team, so no matter if it’s a crewneck, a hoodie, a retro raglan or a 1/4 zip pullover: you can have all this and way more when you deal with ’47.

The brand founded by an Italian family that goes by the name of D’Angelo this time lets us see a progressive sportswear piece. We last saw a Red Sox hoodie on that post about the Carhartt collaboration but this Boston Red Sox Knockaround Pullover hood has a one of a kind feature.

I’m not talking about the ultra smooth fabric that is the trademark of every fleece, feature that is clear since that very first Pittsburgh Pirate crewneck posted here.

I’m talking about this hem that is so unusual compared to the ribbed hem that you see on sport crewnecks and hoodies. Longer in the back and shorter in the front, this Red Sox hoodie that Elena is wearing is really next level with a cut like this, that totally changes the way this hoodie drops. The woven label, that is usually found stitched on the hem, is on the kangaroo pocket this time.

The other detail worth mentioning, beside the screen print in the front is the embroidery on the left sleeve, that makes this item more precious. As you can see, you have further proof here: Italians (in America) still do it better…
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Photos courtesy of Michele Marossi photo
Thanks to ProBeat Agency

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