’47 ● Boston Red Sox Sure Shot Captain

It’s the final week before Christmas 2017: do I have the right to review a top notch all red snapback? I sure do! Once again here comes ’47 and its love for MLB with an headwear piece that you should consider beyond its sport value.

The snapback as we wear it today was literally born on a baseball field and it carries all the sport values that MLB stands for. That’s why when ’47 crafts a cap like this there is all the care it takes to represent the sport properly.

Boston Red Sox Sure Shot Captain is here to remind us once again that ’47 embraces diversity. No matter if you wear caps because you are 17 and you are constantly following every streetwear trend or if you are 50 and you actually go to see the game wearing your cap, ’47 has what you want. If now there is a lot of hype around curved visors and unstructured crowns, there are still people out there that don’t care. There are still people that wear a cap because they like it and because that shape makes their head look good.

Looking at these pictures of Michela P what I am saying is quite evident. Check every detail of her Boston Red Sox headwear piece and you will come to the conclusion that it’s a flawless snapback. Its shape is classic and so are the 3d front embroidery and the 2d side embroidery. For what concerns the visor it’s flat, slightly squared and the under visor has a light shade of grey.’47 knows how to deal with American classics and this baseball team surely belongs there.

And by the way if curved visors are all you care about, just go on ’47 website and type “clean up” in the “search” field followed by your favorite MLB team: you won’t be disappointed, trust me…
Shop online for this item here > https://www.47brand.com/products/boston-red-sox-sure-shot?variant=33069224650
Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo
Thanks to Probeat Agency.

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