’47 ● Carolina Panthers Power Play Vintage Tubular tee

You never know what to expect when it comes to ’47. I gave you quite a wide panoramic of what this brand is capable of and it’s easy to figure it out if you look at my ’47 posts: it has to satisfy all the different styles of sports fans.

If one is an old dad and the other one is a millennial chasing the latest trends, there is no uniform that can dress both and ’47 knows better. Today we are gonna focus on the latter. Remember the last two Scrum tees that we saw? The idea is to have a tee whose retro tie dye pattern make an impact, like someone has worn that item over and over, up to the point to having a distressed effect on the print.

It’s like the fan pledges his long time allegiance wearing this t-shirt as a statement of faith in his favorite team. The vintage tee shirt is unbeatable, easily giving you the appeal of a rockstar, with its design that ’47 perfected to its last bits. We are talking about a proprietary 20 year wash whose really soft, lived-in feel can’t compare to other tees. Add to it a tubular knit tee shape for a throw back look and it’s safe to say that Carolina Panthers Power Play Vintage Tubular tee is ready to steal the attention in and out of the stadium.

I just wrote the actual reason that makes me feel close to this brand. The lifestyle it evokes, call it the American Dream if you prefer, but when I think of wearing one of ’47 item I truly imagine it may spark conversations with other fans that you randomly meet. Is this the greatest mission of ’47: making giant teams of fans outside the stadiums all over the world?

I deeply believe this: looking good rocking the colors of your team while belonging to a great worldwide family must feel a great accomplishment for the D’Angelo family that succeeded in creating all the above. Please, just don’t stop your mission anytime soon, there are plenty of fans that need to show the world what they are all about.

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