’47 ● Classic Digital Camo Phalanx Clean Up

I received this ’47 cap together with other juicy sportswear items exactly one month ago, when Trump was dealing with delicate Iran issues. I am not going into this topic but I have to admit that my thoughts were: “Oh, no, now I have to play politically correct and I can’t post this cap”. As you can see it went in a different way and here I am to show you this gem.

I had a quite large number of posts concerning 47 caps especially if we talk about this shape called Clean Up. This unstructured cap with a curved visor is often seen here with sports logos but what if we strip it to the essence? Not all of us are sports fans and sometimes you just want to wear an amazing cap just because, without showing any team, so your t-shirt can have a bigger impact. Solid color is undoubtedly an option but let’s say you want to stand out with a pattern that you don’t find everywhere.

Classic Digital Camo Phalanx Clean Up will help you to create a crisp outfit, not putting the attention of your friends on the cap, but getting it noticed anyway. I have a thing for the way ripstop looks and this slightly washed cotton twill gets my approval.

As far as the pattern, among all the camouflage items that I may have posted to no end, this is one of the most rare, therefore it should not slip off your radar. Called Digital Camo, this family of patterns has a lot of Army and Marine uniforms adopting it, all over the world.

This cap is technically called strapback because of its strap closure and what makes it special is the brass buckle with ’47 engraved on it. When you have to adjust your cap you can detach it, to make the job easier: this part of the cap has a press button on its back. Time to declare war to uninspired outfits and deja vu patterns: this is the only war I approve. Be inspired as this cap and browse ’47 website, now that standing out is your secret mission…

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