’47 ● Classic Hooded Jersey + Classic Clean Up

When it comes to American classics, ’47 is no rookie. The company founded by D’Angelo family in 1947 has seen all sportswear trends come and go. It is the logic evolution and the drive to stay current that pushed this brand to think of its Classic collection.

No logo, plain, basic, call it how you like but in this division of ’47 you have the same quality apparel that the D’Angelos got you used to minus the teams. You are no longer communicating through your outfit what you are into. People staring at you would not know from the get go if you are into hockey rather than basketball.

The applications of such style are endless: from the hypebeast that has a killer jacket and doesn’t want people to look at his hoodie rather than the discreet sport aficionado that wants to wear apparel that he knows through sports but… doesn’t like to show off, anything is possible with the Classic collection.

We saw a couple of items that are part of this collection not long ago and today we are going to explore some more with the help of Alessandra U. Classic Hooded Jersey in its Navy/Heather Grey colorway gets along great with a Pastel Pink Clean Up strapback.

Nothing is classier than navy blue and an heather grey lining of the hoodie only increases its potential. With its relaxed fit this 100% cotton item inspires comfort and, from relaxing on Sunday in your garden to wearing it to train hard for the next match, I don’t see any limit for this jersey.

I told you already how fresh is the Clean Up shape and I will say it again. ’47 calls it relaxed and curved and it’s very proud of this shape for a reason: it fits like a glove to your head. Next time someone starts to talk about American Classics, show him this outfit and tell him that you know the deal.
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