’47 ● Classic Mertle Clean Up MS

I welcome most styles of streetwear and sportswear here on the Maxiemillion for a simple reason: it mirrors the way I am. I don’t have a “way I dress” but rather several ways to put together an outfit, according to two main factors: how I feel that day and where I have to go.

I’m glad to have found ’47 in my quest for the ultimate freshness because this sportswear brand, is able to satisfy my ever changing moods. I can rock a Raiders x Supreme Clean Up if I’m hyped to go at a club while I can protect my head on any Winter day with a Carhartt x Giants beanie. When I wear a pair of army green pants, it is always a nice idea to match them with a 49ers x Mossy Oak Captain.

But then I may have a meeting a day with people that I want to get focus on what I say and not with what I wear. Or maybe I am wearing a loud t-shirt and I want it to stand out the most, so I don’t need to distract with a cap the people I have in front of me. In these cases what could ever be better than this Classic Mertle Clean Up MS?

Its flawless white piping that divides every panel of the crown is the feature that makes this cap classy. Made of melton wool, this Clean Up may have been inspired by the first pinstripe uniform that appeared on baseball fields at the beginning of the 20th century. Beside its retro inspiration, this cap stands out for its short visor making it look closer to a headwear piece for horse riding.

With its refined green satin under visor, it’s easy to see this as a unique style, different from any ’47 cap that we ever saw here before. If you feel that this was the cap that was missing from your personal selection look no further: cop it from ’47 website. The only risk is to cop even its grey colorway

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