’47 ● Classic Tonal Tie Dye Clean Up

I am caught up in a whirlwind of tie dye these days and I couldn’t be happier about it. Not only I am posting on Instagram my throwback diy tie dye tees but I did post last week ’47 Carolina Panthers Power Play Vintage Tubular tee and now I’m back at ’47 but with a totally different item.

Sharing nothing but the dying technique here comes the essential ’47 Classic Tonal Tie Dye Clean Up. If the Panthers t-shirt was overcharged and had a vintage feel, this headwear piece has a subtle approach. You notice it because of its pattern but there are no team logos on the crown or embroideries beside ’47 branding on the side.

Being ’47 Clean Up a shape that I posted a lot here, you should be familiar with it: we talk about an unstructured cap with a curved visor whose strapback closure made of brass increases the perceived value of this classic sportswear cap. With this version that relies on the strength of such pattern alone, you are ready to let this cap blend even in a high fashion outfit, considering how much even this side of fashion fell in love with tie dye.

Here we are dealing with an item ready to slip inside your street outfits with ease. Are you wearing a t-shirt that steals the show? You should avoid to overcharge your outfit with a cap that would represent a distraction from the key point. This is a solution to maintain the level of attention to detail high but giving at the same time a smart logic to the way you dress.

Available also in a green and a burgundy colorway to give you more options, I just suggest to avoid wearing this with denim. Play with contrast not similarities (that will look different in the very end). Blend in that cool looking white t-shirt and a pair of twill shorts and look how crisp you feel. The real secret is to believe in what you wear. Fortunately ’47 doesn’t make this part of the job hard…

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