’47 ● Detroit Tigers Forward High Point tee

To you it may be “just another t-shirt” but this item by ’47 can’t be summed in these 3 words. There is all the love for sports from the Boston brand here but let’s start from the beginning. We have recently seen another Detroit Tigers t-shirt by ’47 but it belongs to the Carhartt collaboration that I explored in detail here.

This Detroit Tigers Forward High Point tee is another great item that belongs to the MLB licensing that this brand deals with for a long time. What’s better for a baseball fan than show his colors at the stadium like on a sofa with his buddies?! This tee allows him to do so but… it’s on a whole different level.

Look at the stitchings of the item here worn by Elena S. We are talking about rotated flat seams for comfort that not only feel good on your skin but also look really nice, making your tee stand out.

Another reason why this tee doesn’t need to be confused with an average one it its composition. 50% cotton, 45% polyester and 5% lycra make this tee slightly stretch and therefor comfortable but there is more. It’s moisture wicking and anti microbial, so no sunny day can interact in a bad way with the positive vibe of a any baseball fan.

This clean design lets you wear it in many different ways. From the mature grandpa that grew up playing baseball to the young hypebeast that wants to snuggle in its outfits a timeless sportswear piece, nobody is safe by the attack of this Detroit Tigers tee.

And don’t worry if you were looking for something else representing Tigers and not this style: there are plenty more items awaiting on ’47 website

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