’47 ● Detroit Tigers Scrum Tee

Scrum tees what a passion! Retro looking distressed tees by ’47 have a fascination of their own. It was 2014 when I first showed you this craftsmanship whose appeal is quite unique. Recently I gave a look to the infinite range over at ’47 and when I saw this t-shirt I felt it had to be posted here. Its style speaks loud and clear to me: it is funny, timeless and, quality speaking, far from average.

This craftsmanship is based on a burnout technique that makes possible to have different thickness of thread composing the fabric, in order to create such irregular effect, just like Shantung silk.

Let the comic style of this rad feline representing Detroit Tigers intrigue you because there are several reasons to exploit such items in a contemporary outfit. Beside your love for the game, that is always a priority for 47, think of how many different ways you have to wear this. Mix & match and you will see how much potential this tee has. I would avoid the total distressed look wearing this with worn and ripped denim pants, I would rather pick a chino or your best pair of joggers to let the full potential of this tee out. The relaxed fit of this tee is sporty as we like it and makes the act of wearing it a pleasure.

Open your shirt and let this tiger in action peek, rather than wearing this tee with a vest when the season gets sunnier. Your branding with a label stitched on the hem will show up as a guarantee of an original product.

Hit the office in the morning with this Detroit Tigers Scrum Tee, just like the club at night and you will get nothing but pounds of approval for your brilliant style. If you don’t think that this is your ideal style no problem: browsing ’47 website you will have so many options that sooner or later peeping your screen you will get an eye of the tiger. It is in that moment that you have to choose the right tee that fits your style…

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