’47 ● Houston Astros Cooperstown Grit Vintage Scrum tee

Just the other day a friend asked me about these t-shirts that a few friends of him designed and it has been quite a delicate situation. I like him, he always behaves correctly with me but the tees were just a bunch of graphic designs that I could define “style excercises”. Not all the graphic designers can create an appealing t-shirt and, on the contrary, a creative genius doesn’t need to be good at Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

’47 is pushed by the passion for sports, has a solid heritage on its shoulders and fans worldwide supporting the brand. In such set-up is hard to come up with something “so and so” and this t-shirt is a clear example.

Called Houston Astros Cooperstown Grit Vintage Scrum tee this item shows a delicate research that has nothing to deal with screenprinting a blank. Not long ago we gave a look to Detroit Tigers Scrum tee and the item under the spotlight today shows similar traits. With its loose fit and distressed look, this is a tee that makes you turn your head once you see it. ’47 website explain how it is done as follows: “Ring-Spun Combed Peruvian Cotton made with slub yarns for natural textured finish”. So as far as the tee looks there is a genuine vintage feel that is just outstanding.

Then we can spend a couple of words on Houston Astros from a music fan point of view (you have other blogs for sports insights, right?). Worn by Noreaga in 2002 when he dropped the N.E.R.D. produced hit “Nothing” , nowadays it is once again the winning team when it comes to contemporary taste. Houston native Travis Scott aka La Flame is wearing an Astros varsity mid “Sicko mode” video and considering that such video has 469M+ visualizations, rocking this tee can’t be a bad choice.

Give a sprinkle of freshness to your outfit: I just showed you a more than solid option not to miss and it awaits online on ’47 website

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