’47 ● Jacksonville Jaguars Clean Up strapback

What can you expect from ’47, a brand that in 1947 started to deal in American sportswear and in 2017 it’s stronger than ever? Once again is that good ole “you can make it if you believe in yourself”. This determination made the D’Angelo family one of the most relevant in the US when you talk apparel for sports such as American football, hockey, basketball, baseball and even college teams.

The members of this family had a clear vision of how they saw sportswear and carried on a business that basically started with a chariot full of merchandising outside stadiums during game days. It has been a long path that is lasting 70 years and the outcome is that nowadays this brand can supply to sport fans quality sportswear to represents their love.

Today we venture in NFL territory, in that hot city of Jacksonville, in Florida, where a giant Jaguar can be seen at the stadium as a hype man. His name is Jaxson and basically it’s all I know about Jacksonville Jaguars team. Don’t hate on me, after all this is not a sports blog but a media that revolves around streetwear (and headwear in particular).

This strapback worn here by Claudia S is Jacksonville Jaguars Clean Up strapback. We have seen here the Clean Up shape before and it’s exactly what is more en vogue now: curved visor, a logo on the front and a deconstructured crown made of a washed cotton twill. The icing on the cake in all honesty is that micro woven label where the closure is.

It may be little in size but… it’s huge style wise. Further proof that experience counts.

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