’47 ● Los Angeles Dodgers Fieldhouse Tee + Clean Up Cap

Baseball is something that goes beyond the sport itself. This activity keeps Americans on their toes because there is no greatest way to be entertained than watching the game at the stadium or on a sofa with your best friends.

There is more: your team represents your city and this is something that American citizens put their heart to. Then of course let’s not forget the great work that Major League Baseball does to organize a championship where only top teams are allowed, with televisions and social medias all lined up to give you the best of it.

There is a big difference among sportswear and streetwear: the first is based on epic sport moments that reach large numbers of population, turning athletes into national heroes. Streetwear revolves on a mix of art, lifestyle and self expression. Nowadays streetwear outfits borrow here and there a bit of the popular factor from sportswear.

You have Kendrick Lamar representing his city with his LA Dodgers cap even if he is an artist because… he has crazy love for his city and for the related baseball team.

On subject of LA Dodgers, let’s give a look to what Deborah B is wearing here. ’47 gave us a lesson in sportswear once again. The Los Angeles Dodgers Fieldhouse tee that she is wearing has that classic flavor that I could envision even Mooky from “Do the Right Thing” wearing it. In its premium craftsmanship the logo is made of t-shirt fabric stitched on the tee, just like the LA letters on the sleeve.

Like this wasn’t enough check how Los Angeles Dodgers Clean Up is the perfect Dad Cap. I say it every time a Clean Up shape from ’47 comes up but like sport announcers, what I say is based on facts…
Special thanks to ProBeat Agency.

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