’47 ● Los Angeles Dodgers Raglan Camo hoodie

Fresh off its victory over Houston Astros in World Series, there is no better way for me to show Los Angeles Dodgers some love than to dedicate them a post.

Remember when De La Soul rapped “Come on everybody let’s baseball, come on everybody do the baseball” in Fanatic of the B-Word? Even if the track is not really about the actual game of baseball, but it’s just some lyrical flexing, it shows how crucial this sport is for Americans.

MLB knows, that’s why its League has echo all over the planet, not only as far as sport goes but even as apparel for its fans. What’s a better way to show your love for the team of your heart than wearing it?

’47 is all about the love for the game so it can help you in this sense to represent the Los Angeles Dodgers with this Raglan Camo hoodie. Isn’t it a dream come true?! Peep closely all these pictures of Sally B and you will agree with me. The contrast among this tone of camo with heather grey looks great. Add to this the bright royal blue and white of the LA logo and you have a smashing hoodie.

Check how nice is the grey body that gets interrupted by those raglan sleeves only to become grey again on the cuffs. Same care for detail on the hood that is camouflage outside but has a grey lining. As far as branding goes you have a small print on the chest just below the A and a woven label stitched on the hem.

But what makes a ’47 fleece special, among other features, is the smooth fabric. I posted a few crewnecks before and if there is a feature that stands out is the fabric: so soft that you can’t resist it. If you want to show your love for the baseball team of the City Of Angels, now you know what to do: ’47 website is always opened

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