’47 ● Los Angeles Dodgers Union Baseball tee

Here we are: welcome to the second installment of the 3 days special dedicated to ’47 items that just begun yesterday. The brand from Boston should not be taken for an “headwear brand” but rather a sportswear lifestyle brand, with a deep respect for the heritage of all the teams that belong to its roster. This means NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA but also College and Soccer teams have their official merchandising licensed to ’47.

This Los Angeles Dodgers Union Baseball tee is a clear example of what I mean by “respect for the heritage”. The team that the whole world knows as Los Angeles Dodgers was actually born in 1883 on the opposite coast. That’s right, in Brooklyn, as you can see from these pictures of Elisa C, only to move to the West Coast in 1958. This is the equivalent in sportswear of the “vintage rock tees” that are literally blowing up these last seasons. You did not go to peep Metallica live in 1983 but you went to Flatbush, more precisely to Ebbets Field Stadium in 1913, to check this team play a match. What counts most?!

With its tri-blend slub jersey fabric (a poly/cotton/rayon mix) and that distressed screen print, you have the grungewave effect that most designers are looking for nowadays. This is very similar to that other Dodgers Scrum tee that we saw here back in 2014, another flamboyant vintage piece.

Come back tomorrow for more ’47 gems. If you are fascinated by what you saw, just get in touch with California Sport, the new Italian distributor for this brand that respects the past to give you a timeless style.
Photos courtesy of Valerio Papetti

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