’47 ● Los Angeles Rams Brain Freeze Cuffed Knit beanie

“Ice in my ears, gives me brain freeze” was repeating Riff Raff in one of his catchy hooks and even if we are not dealing with funny rap and ice here, I couldn’t think about anything else when I saw how this ’47 beanie is called.

What you see here on the head of Valentina Z is a beanie called Los Angeles Rams Brain Freeze Cuffed Knit. The name is pretty much self explanatory: when it’s so cold that you think the grey matter inside your head is about to become a chunk of ice, this beanie may save you. Beside that, let’s not forget the crucial fact that this item represents the American Football team known as Los Angeles Rams.

In California there is a buzz around Rams. They recently came back to their very first hometown of Los Angeles after more than two decades in St. Louis, where they settled in 1994. It’s all part of a power move that is all in honor of NFL: American Football needs more attention and this agreement may bring a new generation of fans. To give more strength to this operation the spotlight is on the Rams even on HBO, with their documentary TV program “Hard Knocks”.

How about the beanie, you ask? This knitted beauty is a bit longer than the average to give it a retro vibe but the key feature is the 3d embroidery with the battering ram logo that fans know very well. The icing on the cake is the little ’47 woven label on the side. Icing on her head means no more brain freeze, in this case…

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