’47 ● New York Giants District crewneck

’47 knows it well. To play sports actively is one thing but also supporting a team, even if it does not involve a physical activity, may bring joy to your heart; that’s why you want to do it with the colors you love the most.

We saw a New York Giant hoodie last February and now we are checking out another fleece but this time it’s a crewneck. An essential item with a minimal design like this is a steaming hot piece if you can wear it properly. All you have are the colors of your team and its logo. Just one question: when is such an item supposed to be out of fashion. Answer of course is: never.

Our friend Marta P is wearing this New York Giants District crewneck properly, with casual nonchalance. There is a risk but it doesn’t bring any harm: somebody may cop this item just because it has those two letters that identify with the City That Never Sleeps. This was one of the reasons of the success of the Yankees capsule that ’47 developed with Supreme, remember? People could represent at the same time both the city and the brands involved when they copped their Yankees capsule items. For as big as Supreme has become it has no official licensing for NFL items while… ’47 has it!

Feel free to get seduced by the joyful tone of royal blue of this fleece: it may bring light to other dark colors in an outfit or blend in easily with other vivid colors.

Get lost in the hyper extended proposal of ’47 online shop: it’s giant!

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