’47 ● New York Giants Forward Compete 1/4 zip

We have had our share of New York Giants apparel by ’47 this season, do we? Sure Shot Scrimmage hoodie first, then District crewneck and now we are about to go in an unexplored territory. The brand from Boston that since 1947 has love for sports in form of exquisite headwear and apparel, has some juicy news today. This long sleeve zipped turtleneck worn by Elena S is not a common view around here but hey, if you wanted to see something average you would be walking at the mall, not reading this blog, am I right?


Called New York Giants Forward Compete 1/4 zip this jersey is just a refreshing item. Quoting directly from the website this is a “cotton blend French terry with added stretch”. To give you the picture, it’s thicker than a tee and lighter than a fleece. But it’s also moisture wicking and anti-microbial.


While you may be persuaded that it just has a different collar and nothing more, this 1/4 zip pullover has another feature to surprise you: its back pocket. Imagine to wear this while you go out to jog. That could be the pocket where you can put your mp3 player, securing it with the zipper. Or you may put in your driving license if you are training in the woods and you take your car to go there. Or that cash to grab a can at the cornerstone bodega when you are done jogging.



Its mixed yarn has a color very close to indigo denim, so do yourself a favor: no denim pants when you wear this but your best chino pant please. ’47 wants you to look your best


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