’47 ● New York Giants Sure Shot Scrimmage hoodie

Welcome to the third post dedicated to ’47 in my 3 days special that I started on Monday. We saw how on point headwear can be, how sharp is a vintage sportswear raglan instead of a vintage rock tee and today we give a look to a mid season hoodie.

Called New York Giants Sure Shot Scrimmage hoodie, the item worn in these pictures by Elisa C is all but deja vu. Made of soft French terry cloth, this sportswear piece surprised me for the accuracy and the innovation that it brings to the table. Don’t think of this as your average printed fleece. Peep closely the third picture: on the hood you have a raw cut of the fabric that you also have on shoulders, cuffs and on the kangaroo pocket. Beside that you also have a couple of panels on the side of ribbed fabric for a better fit.

I am no American Football expert but I heard the name of the New York Giants through endless rap tracks, from Rakim “New York (Ya Out There?)” to Busta Rhymes “New York s***” to name a couple. In this way even a faraway Italian like me can get the picture of how much this team can easily identify with the magnitude of the city that never sleeps. If you too want to represent greatness, you know what to wear now. Just get in touch with California Sport, ’47 new Italian distributor, and get to know where is the nearest dealer.

Now that you are done with my post, pass by Youtube to check the “making of” edit by Ema/Nema photo/video
Photos courtesy of Valerio Papetti

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