’47 ● Oakland Raiders Backboard Bucket

Just when you thought that buckets weren’t fresh anymore, here I am to make you change your mind. This headwear piece is not even fresh, it’s frozen! Don’t you think that it totally reminds of those caps that Eric Sermon and Parrish Smith wore in the 90s?! I said it before and I will say it again: field sports are not my forte, style and headwear are but let’s start from the get go.

While streetwear brands are desperately following the flavor of the month, ’47 is too busy doing his thing: giving you all the sportswear you may want, regardless of your style. When you are a NFL fan into that team that goes by the name of Oakland Raiders you just want to represent it by any means. No matter if you are into beanies or snapbacks, fitted caps or… buckets, at ’47 all the field sport fans gets equal love. This “all black” beauty that Sally B is wearing is sensational to say the least. It truly brings an old school flavor that gets a current restyling thanks to its athletic mesh.

Dedicated to those Raiders fans that made the “real men wear black” motto their own, this bucket cap shows no frills: an embroidery on the center of the crown, a little woven label on the side and nothing else. Oh yeah, you have the original ’47 sticker on the visor too but as you can see, Sally wanted to take it off.

Oakland Raiders Backboard Bucket awaits for you online on ’47 website where of course you can also find many other styles, just as I told you…

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