’47 ● Berlin Braves baseball shirt

I posted a good amount of ’47 items in these last years. From snapbacks to fleeces to jackets, the sportswear proposal of this brand can take you from baseball diamonds to mountain slopes leaving no spot uncovered. Do you remember the Black Fives collaboration, right? How about the 686 x ’47 collection?! It’s evident: ’47 keeps things in motion.

One of the latest ventures that this brand got involved with it’s the collaboration with Berlin Braves. This ambitious project born in 2012 wants to bring back to our era football, basketball, baseball and running teams under the same name. Quoting from Berlin Braves website: “We are now a boundary-breaking organization that has made noteworthy working relationships with international brands”. What other brand could have made such an official baseball shirt?! Look at these pictures and check every little detail, from the patches to the taping to how each felt letter and number is stitched.

This is an ultra rare piece: beside not being available yet on Berlin Braves website, it’s nowhere to be found on ’47 website as well. I can tell with no hesitation that I feel spoiled: I get to dress Elisa Colombo as a Berliner for this post so I can keep on showing you exclusive apparel. This is a sportswear piece that with a few sharp touches can be worn outside the field too. I’m thinking about leaving it opened with a basic grey tee and chinos but you can elaborate on this and come up with your own brilliant outfit. Well, even worn as a short dress if you are a girl, doesn’t look that bad… Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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