47 Brand – Brooklyn Dodgers Scrum tee

Was your Christmas ok? Were your relatives too boring or everything went by your plan? I couldn’t stay away from The Maxiemillion for long and after yesterday I’m ready for more. Here I have a piece from 47 Brand that deserves your attention but there is a story that needs to be told before. The Dodgers weren’t born in Los Angeles: the notorious baseball team has actually Brooklyn roots. Established in 1883 in the New York borough that you learned to love through music and movies, this team moved to Los Angeles in 1958. Being 47 Brand continuously on the hunt for vintage graphics, in order to keep relevant the level of research of their brand, it goes without saying that we are in front of a sick piece here. This Brooklyn Dodgers Scrum tee that Greta B is wearing looks like it has been bought at a secret thrift shop because of its strong old school impact. Its distressed print contributes to the authenticity of this item but what makes it special is the fabric: different thickness of its threads make it precious and give a worn aspect to it. We have seen before how much care 47 brand puts into giving you the history of field sports through its fleeces and tees but most of all with its headwear. As you can see even this time this piece is more than official but you gotta knock yourself out to succeed. Dare to stand out in the crowd and forget your heather grey/black/white t-shirts: this baby blue is calling your taste. There won’t be any problem then, right?

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