47 Brand – Detroit Red Wings Blackwell snapback

We are learning step by step to know more 47 Brand. First with its snapbacks, then with a crewneck, then a few t-shirts but now we are in front of a piece that deserves all our attention. Some people call this style hybrid because it borrows elements from two other styles: the basic snapback and the 5 panel. It is made by 6 panels but it’s a bit more round than a snapback, thanks to the panel above the arch on the front. One thing is sure: this shape of cap is destined to meet the needs of connoisseurs, real style kings. Yes, those that look for something special, hard to find pieces of headwear. The industrial city of Detroit has been supportive of Red Wings, its ice hockey team, since 1926, its first year playing in NHL. Even if team colors are red and white, this chambray snapback allows no bright color, except for that little red and white label where the plastic closure is. Its smooth and discreet tone is what this Detroit Red Wings Blackwell snapback is all about. A true “grown up” cap, if you allow me to say so, by a brand that made throwback sportswear a mission full of flavor, to save you from carbon copy styles with no juice. Here worn by Lisa R, this shape is not what you get to see everyday. The front panel where you have the 3d embroidery is rather flat and so is its navy blue visor. This chambray fabric is lightweight, exactly what you need for the spring, when the weather is nice and you want to get nicer.

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