’47 Brand – Los Angeles Dodgers Sure Shot Two Tone snapback

The choice among all the caps available is up to you and this may be confusing nowadays. What to wear? Why? Am I trying to be new or classic? Do I have to follow trends or my own mood? ’47 Brand may not have the answers to these questions but it sure has all the caps to provide solutions. We are talking about style solutions. This brand showed us more than once that it’s here to give justice to vintage sportswear and nobody can stop this. All this week I posted black and white items in case you didn’t notice, so which cap do you want to wear? Another black cap with a white logo? How about a Dodgers snapback in a dark shade of grey and a black contrast visor? The brand from Boston that made a buzz recently with its Supreme collaboration gives us its version of a classic Los Angeles Dodgers Cap with this Sure Shot Two Tone snapback and let me tell you one word: flavor. Beside the choice of colors that no doubt gets my thumb up, I like how that logo on the side of the eagle with the baseball bat stands out. Little details that make the difference if you are a headwear aficionado. On the other side of the snapback that Chiara DS is wearing there is the ’47 that guarantees that this is not a random cap and on the back you have a plastic closure. If you feel like representing the City of Angels with finesse, I doubt that out there there are better ways to do so.

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