47 Brand – Los Angeles Kings Frozen Rope tee

47 brand is at the forefront of the connection among sports, music and style. All these words like sportswear, clubwear, streetwear mean less and less nowadays. This brand is doing an accurate research to bring back relevant heritage styles from NHL, NCAA and MLB and give them a new life in modern era. The evolution of our society makes sure that you have has one thing clear in mind: active urban individuals can’t be stopped. From your desk to the sports field to the club, formal clothing is now a thing of the past. Do your best but bring out who you are. “Bring your you out” is the claim of this brand. Take this Los Angeles Kings tee that Sally B is wearing. Synonymous with excellence and magnificence, who wouldn’t love to self proclaim his persona as the supreme ruler? The essential style of the design of this Los Angeles Kings Frozen Rope tee is ready to be worn by almost anybody, regardless of what your interests are. From the heavy metal fan to the Street Goth type and everybody in between, there is always a way to rock this tee without looking like someone that you are not. From my point of view, I envision this as a piece to wear with a loud cap, so your eyes can rest while you look at the t-shirt but I am sure that there are plenty more ways to represent Los Angeles hockey team. All in all, this piece is ready to be worn in your best outfits, just add unconditional California Love.

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