47 brand – Los Angeles Kings Paisley Retroscript snapback

You can never have too many caps, right? Especially if these caps are part of my selection: only the best pieces end up here. Today I am showing you another brand that not everybody may be aware of, especially in Italy, but I did my job right: I got in touch with them and now this post is a reality. Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, 47 brand is a dream come true of two twin brothers of Italian origins. Arthur and Henry D’Angelo had so much passion for field sports to start from the bottom their enterprise. Guess when? In 1947. After many decades, a lot of hard work and the awareness that a great future starts when you know your roots, 47 is now a a internationally recognized sports lifestyle brand. Today we are in front of the Los Angeles Kings Paisley Retroscript snapback. The NHL team that is represented on the cap worn by Raffy C gets a street goth treatment here. Following the guidelines of this trend that is picking up really quick these days, the designer made an excellent job putting the paisley designs typical of a bandanna under the visor. The result is a discreet cap that will surprise people that, like you see in the first picture, can’t expect anything like this as far as details. Beside great headwear, 47 brand collection also include t-shirts and fleeces with a nice vintage touch. In order to know more check their website but most of all check back The Maxiemillion because I will show you some more items from this brand soon.

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