’47 Brand – New York Yankees Sure Shot 2 Tone snapback

There are very few things that represent the United States more than a Yankees cap can. It doesn’t get more American than this, my reader. The cap that represent the baseball team notorious all over the planet is the epitome of the sporty style. You don’t believe my words? There is a never ending list of celebrities that have been spotted wearing it that is quite impressive. Among all the headwear brands there is one that is making a consistent buzz with its Yankees snapbacks and that is ’47 Brand. Its caps of the above mentioned team got developed in a capsule collection in collaboration with Supreme as you may probably know by now. This New York Yankees Sure Shot 2 Tone snapback does not belong to that capsule, it’s available in most ’47 Brand retailers. The Boston based brand that puts its attention to re-create headwear and sportswear inspired by a glorious past, put a couple of touches here and there to make this cap recognizable. Its logo first of all is on the left while The Great Seal of the United States of America is on the right. In the most clean color palette ever, we are facing a snapback that is waiting for your touch to be turned into your cap. From the most current street style to a classic “all American” attire, this cap on the head of Selda P is ready for any challenge. On an ending note pay attention to the Supporter banners here on the right and you can see a new entry: here comes ’47 Brand banner (and I couldn’t be happier about it…). Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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