47 brand – Pittsburgh Pirates Co Sign crewneck

47 brand has a deep love for throwback items. This lifestyle brand with roots into field sports found its path in the research and reproduction of original graphics. This crewneck that Francesca C is wearing celebrates an important moment in the history of Pittsburgh Pirates. Formerly known as Allegheny, leading into the 1887 season, this team changed leagues and even changed its name. It moved from the American Association into the still-standing National League, and changed from Allegheny to the Pittsburgh Pirates. You have seen a cap and a t-shirt by this brand so before I will show you more headwear pieces I wanted to give you the picture of what you can find in 47 brand range. This lightweight brushed fleece called Pittsburgh Pirates Co Sign crewneck is ultra smooth but is its worn aspect that makes it shine. Its slightly relaxed fit contributes to give such impression. I love how the neck ring is thin and of course that triangle in the center completes an overall flawless piece. Technically you can wear this crewneck with any color because of its neutral grey but the finesse here is to get on your outfit a touch of yellow ocher here and there. No lemon yellow or neon yellow allowed, take notes. Bring out the pirate in you and get ready to represent East Coast heritage in baseball. You can find this piece on 47 brand website only, since there is no distribution in Italy yet. Be the first and don’t worry: your friends will follow.

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