’47 x New York Yankees x Supreme – Crusher bucket hats

You may have heard of ’47 only recently but, as the name may suggest, the year of birth of this brand is 1947. With such an heritage on its shoulders, the last of the things that you want to happen is to remain stale while the world changes. New shapes and materials are constantly under scrutiny at the style department of ’47 but even new alliances. The most important that made a huge buzz worldwide is the collaboration with the New York Yankees and Supreme. A capsule collection that includes a premium leather varsity, a satin jacket, t-shirts, snapbacks and these Crusher bucket hats. The vision that gave birth to this tourist-meets-sport-fan, “fear and loathing in Las Vegas” remix is impressive. The all over pattern is loud but you will find yourself wanting it in your favorite colorway, as soon as you try it on. It’s right under your eyes: the flavor of the season is this shape and ’47 worked on it properly, with a flat top and a short visor. Available in S-M and M-L you know that, beside style, it’s always a matter of fit when you pick a cap. Considering the good relationship among The Maxiemillion and ’47, I thought about something that I never did before to show how valuable are these pieces. I put together a team of three friends of mine, a photographer and a filmer and we did a night shooting. I posted the clip on YouTube and I’m quite happy with the result. Not like Supreme after it sold out in no time these pieces but I’m happy anyway… Pictures courtesy of O’Graph. Video courtesy of Pentaprism.Intuition.

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