’47 – Classic Magenta Clean Up strapback

It was about time to touch the “Dad’s cap” topic and what a better occasion than this ’47 strapback?! I told you about this trend real quick last February but now the thing is getting bigger and bigger. Dad’s caps are a by-product of the street fashion cycles. Once something is nice, it will get out of fashion after a while only to come back stronger. It all goes back to the 90’s, when street style was heavily influenced by the wave of Polo, Hilfiger and Nautica. It was all you saw in hip hop videos: MCs wearing their unstructured caps following the shape of their head with a mandatory curved visor. The squared visor seems to be no longer cool if you live with the fever for the flavor so who but ’47 can satisfy your need for fresh headwear?! The brand that can have a claim such as “relaxed and curved since 1947” seems to be the source where you can satisfy your thirst. Claudia C is wearing a Classic Magenta Clean Up strapback that represents to the fullest this all American style. Made of smooth and washed cotton twill to look a bit used, this strapback is exactly what we are talking about: a retro sporty cap. To fit our times, what a better color than pink, the official trend of street fashion in Summer 2016?! This version has no embroidery but the little ’47 on the side. Keep my blog under your radar and I will show you more of these caps by ’47. I bet you will be bumping 90s hip hop in your car for the perfect look… Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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