’47 – Los Angeles Red Devils x Hall Of Fame snapback + t-shirt

’47 was last seen here before the holidays with its Supreme collaboration snapbacks but in the meantime this brand worked hard. Conceptually speaking it came up with a serie of collaborations like never before. Enter the Black Fives, basketball teams that were part of American Sports history before 1950. A five is a team, composed of 5 players. Being America still in a racist regime, the African American teams were called Black Fives. The mission of ’47 in collaboration with Black Fives Foundation is to remember these teams in a quite complex operation as follows: 7 major stores of different cities in the United States get to represent the Black Fives team of their city. Every shop has a capsule to its name that features headwear, jacket, tees and more. When we talk about the City of Angeles, ’47 picked the worldwide phenomenon known as Hall Of Fame to represent Los Angeles Red Devils. To quote Black Fives website: “Though little known today, the Los Angeles Red Devils were a unique and important pioneering professional basketball team that played during the mid-1940s”. How about Hall of Fame? Located in the heart of the streetwear mecca called Fairfax, this brand has the right attention to sports heritage to represent LA properly. As far as the snapback and the t-shirt that Camilla M is wearing, I just want you to give a look at two details: “2nd suck” little flag on the cap and the combination of tags close to the hem on the t-shirt. ’47 is going forward with brilliant moves. Don’t worry: I’ll keep you updated on all of them! Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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