’47 – New York Yankees Clean Up strapback + Crosstown tank

Nothing in sportswear is more New York than the Yankees team. I am honestly not much into field sports but since I’m knee deep into hip hop there is not one cap more representative of the city than the one with crossed N and Y. On the contrary, since ’47 is into field sports, its attention to the above mentioned team is major. That’s why with the latest care package that reached my office there was this outfit that Claudia C is wearing in these pictures. With the curved visor that took the market by storm, we have a New York Yankees Clean Up strapback together with Yankees Crosstown tank. We already saw that shape of cap not long ago, when I posted a Classic Magenta Clean Up strapback. How nice is the back closure, with its little brass buckle with a microscopic ’47 engraved?! Like this isn’t enough you also have a woven label on the other side. The slightly washed cotton twill gives a worn aspect to this cap that in this way feels like a throwback piece. Ready for sport endurance or to go to the beach, in this outfit you have nothing but the classic Yankees navy blue and white with a touch of grey on the hems, to make this item precious. It’s the attention to detail that makes this sportswear brand a leading force that brings current styles and creativity to apparel that represents classic American teams. You may not live in NYC but this outfit will get you closer to the New York State of Mind. At the Yankees Stadium, to be exact… Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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