’47 ● Oakland Raiders Fulton Captain + Audible MVP

Let’s start the week with a banger. How many times did I tell you that I feel ’47 approach to sportswear?! So I have decided to do a 3 days special that, starting today, will venture among the different items proposed by the brand from Boston.

In these days of curved visors, I can’t forget how I kept on rocking the straight visor for several seasons so, in order to show you the two options and let you think for yourself I’m posting both. With the help of the sisters Elisa and Chiara C here I am letting you feast your eyes on a Oakland Raiders Fulton Captain together with the Audible MVP. These caps are very similar, but at the same time so different, that only putting them close to each other you can figure out the differences in their shapes.

The Captain is a style from ’47 that we saw already more than once. It’s a solid cap with a leather strapback closure that surely adds value to an already important piece. Beside its sport activity on field, I ask you not to forget that Oakland Raiders were among the favorites of that milestone of West Coast rap called NWA.

The Audible MVP is the curved visor version. The American classic headwear piece that ’47 is known for has a different closure with velcro instead of that leather strap and no print under the visor while the other has a dotted graphic. In recent news, California Sport is the new ’47 distributor for Italy so when you want your shop to carry this brand, you know who to ask…
Photos courtesy of Valerio Papetti

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