’47 ● Stamp Clean Up strapback

It’s no secret: the so-called Dad cap is taking over headwear. The retro feeling of the unstructured snapback conquered the hearts of many. If you want to know what is the perfect cap that goes by this name it’s enough for you to look at these pictures of this ’47 cap.

Forget all the snapbacks that I posted last year: here the crown has not to stay stiff but smooth, the twill has to look used by… your Dad, so it’s better if washed and the logo has to be embroidered on the front of the crown, the smaller the better. To end it all you have a curved visor. Here we are, at the hot part of the post: ’47 is doing it since… 1947. Not by accident the claim of the Clean Up strapback is “Relaxed and curved since 1947”. You can hear it from the founders of the brand: this cap is an American classic and everybody makes it their own, re-washing it, making it distressed or bending the visor more.

’47 did a great job working on this shape that I already showed you in its blank version, magenta colorway. This one that Alice L is wearing is called Stamp Clean Up strapback. Considering that the must this season, both in sportswear and streetwear, is this shape of cap if you need help to refresh your style look no further: all you have to do is to check ’47 website in the Clean Up section and get lost in the endless selection of caps for every style: from the most discreet to the loudest. You are about to take over! Pictures courtesy of Valerio Papetti

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