’47 x Carhartt ● Arizona Diamondbacks MVP strapback

Am I allowed to say “Caps what a passion”? Once you are into headwear you start recognizing the different shapes that fit your head, the different materials to approach the seasons and of course the colors of your hat that should be able to give you enough game to match your apparel.


’47 made me be part of this process of analysis quite a few times and I can never thank enough the team behind this. The shape that we are analyzing together in this post is an MVP. The acronym of Most Valuable Player could become Magnificent Victory Plan for all I know because you can’t lose in an headwear war if you rock this cap.


Part of the ’47 x Carhartt collab that I told you about last time, this Arizona Diamondbacks MVP strapback is made of the same rugged 100% ring-spun cotton canvas of Carhartt jackets. The workwear brand represents an important aspect of America just like sport fans so why not to put them together and double the fun?


The MVP shape here worn by Nicole B is not new to The Maxiemillion readers. We first saw it in a Raiders form and it made his appearance in a “making of” video an year ago. Or most recently representing the Golden State Warriors remixed by OG Slick, but its curved visor and its stiff crown aren’t new to me. What I find nice, especially when made with this top of the line canvas, is the strapback velcro closure. It looks more refined than a plastic closure and if in the same area you also have Carhartt woven label, you are up to a premium headwear piece.


On a closing note, me that I am not familiar with D-Backs I can make good use of the aqua green that is in its logo for some first level matchings. Same for those burgundy accents. Look no further: all ’47 caps are lined up on the official website of the brand for your online shopping (and you know that this can’t be missing from your selection…).
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