’47 x Carhartt ● Denver Broncos Cuff Knit

Don’t let the first picture fool you: this is not your average Carhartt Watch Hat. To make things even, last time I posted another beanie that belongs to this ’47 collaboration, I started from NY Giants embroidered logo. Then, in the last two pictures, I made the other side with Carhartt woven label visible. Here I switched the above formula: I am proud to show you the latest ’47 x Carhartt x Denver Broncos Cuff Knit.


It is funny how this cap, with its humble authenticity, survived so many years. Back in the 90s, while in the West Coast you had predominance of other workwear brands, Carhartt in the East was blowing. Its rugged canvas rather than its wide fits not only were suitable for workers of America, but even for hip hop fans that could do their thing in full comfort, staying warm in harsh weather conditions.


Now not only it is still worn in hip hop circles but crossed over to mainstream with a never seen before success. I don’t know if it’s the same elsewhere but in my city is easy to go out and spot at least two or three, no matter where you are. This is why this collab makes such headwear piece special: adding the element of a collaboration, you fit trends but… with an exclusive touch.


’47 made an extended collaboration capsule with Carhartt where it’s easy to find your team in the headwear shape that best suits your need, no matter it your priority is keeping your head warm rather than avoiding sun rays in your eyes. In all the ’47 headwear shapes that you learned to love through my reviews, you can now have a Carhartt cap representing your team, like Federica D here.


It’s this delicate attention to the swift evolution of sportswear and its contamination with streetwear that makes ’47 a brand to keep an eye on. Who could have ever thought to blend workwear with sports?
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