’47 x Carhartt ● Detroit Tigers Captain

You know that I love the way ’47 caps look. Blame it on its Italian founders that made it in a foreign land, being true visionary entrepreneurs or on the shape of its caps, I have to keep on posting their headwear and apparel.

Talking about this brand we went from blank hoodies and caps whose line is called called ’47 classic to that OG Slick collab that dropped a few months ago but today we are giving a look to a cap picked from the latest ’47 x Carhartt collaboration.

Two caps to be exact, considering that even if these Detroit Tigers Captain snapbacks are the same, they are shown in two colorways: navy blue and light brown. I went the extra mile here, I’m giving you two different ways to wear these headwear pieces: with or without visor on the sticker.

It’s a headwear fan thing: you leave the sticker on the visor just to show off that you are rocking an authentic cap from your favorite brand. Some people don’t know this (and they probably couldn’t care less) so they peel it off while others would think it’s a sacrilege.

Here stickers on the visor are two: the classic ’47 in the middle and another one on the side that explains the roots of this collaboration.

It’s not the first time that the workwear brand from Detroit collaborates with the sportswear brand that calls Boston home: this happened already (and I gave coverage to it of course).

The concept is to make headwear with the 100% ring-spun cotton that made Carhartt the legendary brand that dressed workers of America rather than Golden Age Hip Hop heroes.

Very similar to ballistic nylon as far as consistence, this is the type of fabric destined to last longer than the average cap and its branding on the side is proof of all this.

Stay tuned because I love this collab so much that I will review many more snapbacks in the near future
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