’47 x Carhartt ● Detroit Tigers Captain Kenmore

Sometimes we tend to take things for granted. Take this ’47 x Carhartt collab snapback that is in the spotlight today. It is not a cap: it is an icon, a modern art piece, a whole book to read and an accessory all in one.

Analyzing such aspects one by one, let’s start to talk about why this cap is an icon. A national pastime such as baseball made its way inside the diamond with a question: what can we do to keep sun out of our eyes? And players got equipped with this mandatory element of their uniform: the baseball cap.

A modern art piece may seem a daring definition to some but I am not exaggerating a bit. The Captain shape of the ’47 range is the snapback that has that flat visor that can’t be replaced and the stiff ball shaped crown that dresses your head instead of fitting it. The classic stiff snapback went through ups and downs of popularity but in the very end there is no way to say that this shape of cap is over. May I add “fortunately” here?

Why did I say a whole book to read? Because this caps communicates. It do tells a story. You are a baseball fan with a deep respect for workers that built America dressed in Carhartt garments and your favorite team is called Detroit Tigers. The bond among workers and sports fans couldn’t be more American and this is the concept that such collaboration among 47 and Carhartt is built on.

Let’s not be carried away by all my poetry here above, to the point of forgetting that it is a cap. It is nothing but an accessory in your outfit that should not miss and with this one you are taking out the competition, when you match it with a pair of workwear boots. In such case the alliance among sports and workwear couldn’t get any more effective. Check ’47 website and get lost among the endless number of caps that belong to project. This season the focus of this collaboration is on NFL teams, don’t miss it.

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Photos courtesy of Martina Oberti

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