’47 x Carhartt ● New York Giants Cuff Knit beanie

Unless you are reading my blog for the first time, you should be aware of ’47 x Carhartt collaboration. When two brands are leaders in their own fields, sportwear and workwear, if they see a common ground they have to focus on it. The workers of America are the same fans that make sports great from a viewer perspective. This aspect is so genuine that such operation turned into an ongoing collaboration for a few seasons now.

Today we give a look to an object of desire that drives teenagers crazy: Carhartt Watch hat. I see this headwear piece differently from them. For me it is something strongly tied to 90’s hip hop but every generation has its landmarks. The urban demographics from 16 to 25 when it’s time to buy a beanie thinks about this cap so what can ever be fresher of a limited edition one?

Adding up on the original formula of this folded beanie, this New York Giants Cuff Knit beanie states where your American Football love is. If at first this looks like the beanie that you already saw, flipping it 180 degrees reveals your sports fan soul. If on one side the woven label is there to ensure that now you belong to the worshipping cult of this iconic beanie, on the other an embroidered New York Giants logo makes it special.

We are really talking about two giants here, because after what Carhartt has gone through all these years, still staying on top, is not something that every brand can claim. Its transition from pure workwear to a sort of high end streetwear with its European licensee Carhartt WIP is not an easy result to acheive. Not only such brand is now consolidated in urban culture but it doesn’t show signs of slowing down.

Same for ’47, whose approach to sportswear takes it beyond headwear, creating apparel that can appeal both the classic American sports fan and the hypebeasts looking for something sports related that stands out. Now the question is: do you want to stand out or fit in? Check ’47 x Carhartt proposal in detail, then tell me…

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