’47 X Carhartt ● New York Giants Cuff Knit

May I crack a smile? I still have a Carhartt crewneck that I bought in New York City in 1994 in a drawer. I washed it so many times that it has holes in its cuffs but that piece let me truly understand what the workwear brand from Detroit is all about. It’s timeless apparel, whose durable materials are ready to endure the abuse of mechanics, carpenters and other people that made America what it is today.

’47, the sportswear brand born in Boston noticed its potential a while ago if you consider that the first item that I posted here of its collaboration with Carhartt goes back to June 2017. It’s a way to celebrate the love for sport of American workers that in its first installment has been dubbed Outwork x Outroot to give the picture of the intent. If you think that this is a reoccurring collab, it means that has been welcomed open arms by the fans of both brands and this is undoubtedly a good sign.

I don’t know where you live but if in New York being a fan of the Giants means to be part of a cult, here in Italy people are more into Italian soccer so they may miss the actual meaning of those two letters on the front of this New York Giants Cuff Knit. This doesn’t mean that any Italian streetwear fan would say no to such crisp beanie. In complete honesty our nation is literally invaded by Carhartt beanies so I don’t underestimate the value of having a limited edition one like Ilaria V in these pic.

It’s the type of beanie that, according to how you feel, you may wear in a sense or another, tricking people into thinking that you own two beanies.

Give a look to the whole ’47 X Carhartt collab on ’47 website and you will find a lot more than headwear of this NFL team. You will find yourself cracking a smile like I did…
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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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