’47 x Carhartt x Mossy Oak ● New York Giants MVP

Time passes, trap is taking over the urban music landscape but every time I see a New York Giant logo I can’t do nothing but think of those RZA bars in Cuttin’ Headz that go by “Stop tryin to foul me / Sayin that we’re lousy / But I’m a tyrant, defiant, walkin’ New York Giant / President of the Wu / But I’m also a client”. Well I guess that if you founded the Wu Tang Clan and your mentor in the movie industry is Quentin Tarantino you are definitely a New York giant but this doesn’t have to distract us too much from this cap.

Welcome to another chapter of ’47 x Carhartt x Mossy Oak saga. I left you not long ago with the San Francisco 49ers Clean Up that belongs to this brilliant ’47 collaboration but I couldn’t stay off it for too long. Blame it on the irresistible camouflage pattern, but I find this a true camo connoisseur gem. It’s exactly because of this that Mossy Oak got involved in this operation: its disruptive pattern materials go the extra mile with true to nature designs rather than delicate combinations like this on the head of Lisa L.

With the rugged Carhartt twill you can’t go wrong when you conceptualize an headwear piece and this is under your eyes here. Can’t beat workwear giving a helping hand to sportswear because this is what America is about: people that work hard to enjoy a minute of rest with their favorite game to watch with friends and family.

’47 did an excellent job coordinating all this and lending his precious MVP shape for such collab. By that acronym the brand defines a structured shape with a curved visor. Look at the closure that has velcro instead of plastic closure and let finesse get at you.

Now sit back and browse extensively ’47 x Carhartt x Mossy Oak collab on ’47 website. It may take a little time you will enjoy every minute of it.
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Photos courtesy of Martina Oberti

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