’47 x Carhartt x Mossy Oak ● San Francisco 49ers Captain

Yes, I confirm: camouflage is my thing. I trip on Camopedia and there is nothing in the streets that catches my attention more than a camo pattern. This is why I’m posting a cap by ’47 x Carhartt x Mossy Oak: there is too much excellence combined not to…

While ’47 is unstoppable, stacking collaborations over collaborations, we focus on this NFL headwear capsule that makes connoisseurs go crazy. How could it be any different: ’47 crafts with care each and every cap whose standards are familiar to the fans of the brand. That is the reason why you can cop a Captain shape like this one and you know exactly how it will look on your head, making online shopping at ’47 extremely easy.

Then you have the workwear touch of that brand from Detroit known as Carhartt. Providing ballistic nylon canvas to workers since 1989, this brand became synonymous with streetwear all over the globe with time. After that point rappers and skaters alike started to wear in everyday life Carhartt apparel for the huge value of its quality / price rate.

After these two heavyweights, Mossy Oak comes in the mix. A premium brand when it comes to hunters and their camouflage attire, more than 30 years ago it created a camo pattern called Bottomland. No graphic designer needed when founder Toxey Haas vision sparked in Missisipi state from a handful of bark, sticks and leaves, creating the most true-to-life hunting pattern ever.

I let the beauty of this San Francisco Giants Captain speak: from its captivating colorway to the stiff shape, this headwear piece may appeal from fans of the sport to hunters and everybody in between (me included, of course). Check the woven label stichted on the side and its micro 47 engraved on the little brass buckle. Details like these put other caps in shame zone, but remember not to brag when you wear it: do it nonchalantly. Check all the other shapes and teams of Carhartt x ’47 caps online and you will want all of them, I’m warning you…

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Photos courtesy of Ema / Nema

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