’47 x Carhartt x Mossy Oak ● San Francisco 49ers Clean Up

Camouflage is originally designed for people that carry weapons, hunters or soldiers, in case you forgot it but rest assured: ’47 knows better. Uninspired designers made it become an element of fashion but earlier in the 60’s hippies wore it because of John Lennon army OG-107 fatigue utility shirt. Then at the end of the 70’s anarchist punks against war felt it was the best thing to do to to dress like soldiers (of peace).

Later on everybody in hip hop from Das EFX to C’N’N and even Missy Elliot wore the pattern and slowly but surely, in the latest 5 years, the perception of camouflage came into our lives. It’s at this point that the game got serious and real camouflage patterns stand out while the rest gets left behind.

Enter Mossy Oak, a specialty apparel brand for hunters that in 1986, on its own Mississippi turf, developed its own pattern with leaves, sticks and stones of that area. Soon recognized by experts as a reliable source of camouflage the brand started to collaborate with the likes of workwear leader Carhartt.

Now if you think that the latter is already a solid ally when it comes to ’47 collaborations, it was destined to happen: ’47 x Carhartt x Mossy Oak is a reality. You can now wear a Clean Up, a favorite shape among ’47 range, representing San Francisco 49ers, made of Carhartt twill designed with a camouflage pattern by Mossy Oak.

The street credibility of such headwear piece here worn by Marika G is the equivalent of an ever ringing jackpot. Not only its shape is one of the most in demand but here in this rare camouflage pattern it becomes a connoisseur thing that makes people turn their heads whispering to their friend “What camouflage was that?!” ‘47 awaits you open arms to give you all the other options that belong to such capsule collection, available now on its website. Standing out in the city camouflaging is your new survival technique, didn’t they tell you yet?
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Photos courtesy of Martina Oberti

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