’47 x Diamond Supply Co. ● Cleveland Cavaliers Diamond Patch Clean Up

You can’t beat the feeling of a Clean Up cap, but when you also have one that belongs to ’47 x Diamond Supply Co. collaboration, you simply double the pleasure. What I just wrote leaves you confused? It’s the first time you read this blog so I have to go step by step? Deal!

The brand responsible for such shape of a sporty cap is called ’47. Based in Boston, this sportswear brand not only can provide you the freshest caps but brilliant apparel to make you support your favorite teams, if we talk NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, NCAA and a couple of more leagues. Moved by true passion the D’Angelo family founded this brand selling sport merchandise on a cart outside the stadium.

A similar approach to business is Nick Tershay’s. After the humble beginnings at EMB as an hardware company run in his bedroom to provide all his pro skaters friends griptape and nuts, Diamond fully bloomed into a brand that beside skate hardware also deals in apparel (very successfully let me add).

The two units share a very modest start up approach that, luckily for each of the two, lead to become successful global brands. Add to this the common passion for sports even outside the skateboard world and diamond and ’47 are ready to join forces on a collaboration capsule.

Called Clean Up, a shape of cap that we already stumbled upon more than once, is one of my personal favorite standards. Its curved visor feels great and the same can be said of its unstructured crown, especially with this special wash that makes it smoother. Nick put its own touch with a triple patch on this Cleveland Cavaliers Diamond Patch Clean Up, to give a chance to all the skaters that love this NBA team to rep its colors, displaying their genuine identity at the same time. Peep closely all these shots of Alessia M and tell me: doesn’t she shine properly?!
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Photos courtesy of Martina Oberti

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