’47 x Diamond Supply Co. ● New York Knicks Diamond Blue MVP

New York Knicks are truly a New York icon. It’s not by accident that Sugarhill Gang included in their hit from 1979 “Rappers Delight” that bar that goes by “I got a color TV so I can see the Knicks play basketball”. It’s not by chance that in this team we had the chance to see an all time greats that goes by the name of Patrick Ewing. It seems that this is not the greatest year for the Knicks despite the presence of Tim Hardaway Jr, but the loyalty of its fanbase isn’t over, as Madison Square Garden is always packed with fans wearing ’47 items to support their team.

You know that ’47 is a reliable source when it’s time to show your colors. The brand from Boston makes an excellent job keeping fans dressed head to toe in their favorite NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, NCAA apparel but what sets ’47 apart is its ability to keep its proposal fresh and contemporary through its collaborations.

A store that became an icon in recent times is Lafayette Street Diamond Supply Co. Flagship store in Manhattan, New York. With a proposal of professional skate hardware and an apparel collection that sets the standard in streetwear circles of those “in the know”, Diamond agreed to give its perspective on sportswear outside of skateboarding creating a collaboration capsule with ’47.

It is no wonder that Nick Tershay, Diamond founder, CEO and main designer, agreed to this operation: skaters have been wearing their sport caps for decades so it was a natural evolution in this contamination game called streetwear.

’47 x Diamond capsule includes both apparel and headwear and it’s on the latter that we are focusing today with these shots of Sally B. New York Knicks Diamond Blue MVP shows the OG Knicks logo contaminated by trademark Diamond aqua green and the result is above expectations. Add a matching strap closure on the back and both 47 and Diamond logos on the sides and you have a pretty brilliant cap. This headwear piece is not even giant but huge…
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