’47 x Diamond Supply Co. ● New York Knicks Diamond Patch Captain

I tried to start this post quoting a couple of rap bars that would include New York Knicks and after a few seconds I called it quits. From Rakim to Busta Rhymes, from Cam’Ron to the Beastie Boys and even Big L made the basketball team from the Big Apple shine in their lyrics. Yes, even the Sugarhill Gang before all of them, I know…


With such iconic name dropping here above the outcome is clear: the Knicks are a staple in New York culture. Isn’t New York one of the most crucial cities style wise? As a consequence of all this when you rock a Knicks snapback you will get nods of approval for your taste all over the world. But not all snapbacks are created equal and here we are in front of top notch item.


Just like its Giants, Trailblazers and Cavs predecessors, this New York Knicks Diamond Patch Captain belongs to the ’47 x Diamond Supply Co. collaboration capsule that I gave coverage to recently. Forget the classic royal blue cap with an orange NY on the front of the crown, here the design had a goal: experimenting with current trends, being original.


Isn’t all the streetwear influenced by punk recently? Wasn’t punk aesthetically speaking all about leather, ripped denims, spikes, badges and… patches? The same patches that end up on your bomber jackets have been scaled down to fit the front of this Captain shape, slightly overlaying each other, like the layers of retro chunky sneakers.


Complete with an orange under visor, this cap shows where you stand as far as identity goes: Diamond is a skate hardware brand. This means that after you go see the game at Madison Square Garden, you may consider to hit Lafayette Diamond store and then you are ready to skate LES skatepark rather than the Bubble Banks. Let New York temptations test you: you fronting them with the right cap. Peep on ’47 website how many more caps you can find in this collab, so you can be true to yourself and rep your team with pride!
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