’47 x Diamond Supply Co. ● Portland Trail Blazers Diamond Blue MVP

Can you stop the hectic pace of ’47 collaborations? Can a diamond stop shining? Double no, my readers. Sportswear veteran ’47 keeps on dropping collaborations with brands that have been consolidated pillars of streetwear world for decades and Diamond Supply Co. is the latest to join the roster of ’47 friends.

We saw the New York Giants MVP that belongs to this capsule not long ago and now we go back to a very similar headwear piece. By this i mean that we have the same structured shape with a slightly curved visor but this time we switched from the East to the West Coast. No big deal, since we are one nation under a groove, I mean a strapback.

NBA affiliate Portland Trail Blazers (aka Jail Blazers for the hood attitude of its players) keeps on moving but as usual my attention is on the headwear piece, here worn by Cristina B. How could it be any different: Nick Tershay touch on this style is there to see. CEO and main designer of skate hardware brand Diamond, whose identity is based among other things on a bright shade of aqua green, Nick probably agreed on this collaboration thinking of the good ole days at Embarcadero in San Francisco.

As a matter of fact the brand was born while he was hanging at Justin Herman Plaza (called EMB by the locals) when most skaters wore NBA or NFL caps. This collab that bridges the two worlds of basketball and skate gives justice to the actual state of things where skaters are also great basketball fans. It’s not by accident that at the Diamond Mine (this is how skaters refer to Diamond private training facility) beside a great street plaza you an also find a hoop where skaters often skaters indulge in this other national pastime.

Isn’t this Portland Trail Blazers Diamond Blue MVP blazin’ hot? Cop it online if cut, color, carat and clarity represent your main focus.
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Photos courtesy of Giulia Casamenti

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