’47 x OG Slick ● Golden State Warriors OG Slick ’47 Headline hood + OG Slick ’47 Clean Up

I can’t keep up with the level of freshness of ’47. While in the States this brand just dropped its second collab with Carhartt (we saw the first one here on The Maxiemillion almost one year ago), I still haven’t explored deeply the previous collab with the graffiti writer synonymous with LA scene: OG Slick.

The artist whose main recognizable works show a pair of so called Disney hands has way more up his sleeve. Just explore his website where his impressive portfolio is or The Slick Store to cop a piece of the legend. Slick makes a point of being an OG writer and his approach to graffiti and streetwear is… the original one, that has nothing to share with young hypebeasts reselling apparel online.

After we saw not long ago a Los Angeles Lakers hoodie that belongs to this collab, here comes the second installment. Golden State Warriors beside being home of the basketball superstar Kevin Durant, have a versatile name. Aren’t graffiti artists sometimes illegal warriors going all out in the name of street art?

He kept the bridge logo similar to the original design just adding a circle made by a spraycan. Strong and raw street flavor, isn’t it?

Look at the design on the back of the hoodie. Just like a mad graff artist crossing over other writings that he considers toys, he made the infamous hands spray “Warriors” very much in this mood.

Golden State Warriors OG Slick Headline hood, here worn by Alexandra D with OG Slick ’47 Clean Up strapback by the same team, keep up with the level of quality that is trademark of ’47. The hoodie is soft and its slightly loose fit is what you want to wear these days of 90s throwback. The cap has a wrapping crown and a curved visor. In the words of the brand it is “relaxed and curved since 1947”.

Too bad that I procrastinated a bit and this hoodie is no longer available on ’47 website but you can cop the t-shirt instead, just in case.
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Photos courtesy of Michele Marossi photo

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