’47 x OG Slick ● Golden State Warriors OG Slick 47 Splitter tee + Audible 47 MVP strapback

I can’t stay off ’47 for too long in a normal situation. How could it be any different now that I have a bunch of uber fresh apparel that belongs to the ’47 x OG Slick collaboration?!

I posted some items already but it’s such a juicy collaboration that I can’t stop telling you about it. I try to give justice to the grandmaster of street art called OG Slick. You may know him for his world famous Disney hands that out of context do the LA sign or create a heart. You may know him for Dissizit brand rather than for his anti H&M campaign t-shirts but basically OG Slick has a platinum respect in the streets.

Being ’47 sensible to what goes down in the streets beside what happens in the basketball court, it worked with Slick together and with the hands of revolutionized official NBA logos creating outstanding works of art. Do you remember the Los Angeles Lakers Headline hood that we saw not long ago?

Today we give a look to Golden State Warriors OG Slick 47 Splitter tee that Beatrice C is wearing with Audible 47 MVP strapback. We saw in a Raiders version this style of cap a while ago. It is a mix among a structured cap and a dad cap, with a velcro closure.

It is a staple in ’47 range and in this two tone version, with a 3d embroidery of the Golden Gate bridge redesigned by Slick, it is even better.

The graphics are the same that we saw not long ago on Headline Hood but here the back print is on the front and vice versa, giving it a different impact.

For what concerns the structure of the tee, it has a woven label on its hem as your warranty of a smooth and comfortable tee, just like ’47 got you used to.
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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